Grow Taller Quick Tips Quiz

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Get free open source tips about health, posture, exercise, nutrition and maintaining a good diet to avoid obesity By maintaining a good behaviour with ourselves and our environment

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take some kind of quiz to see if you can grow taller? See if you were susceptible to back injury or to determine if, say, push-ups were the right exercise for your build or if you should stay away from push-ups because you may be prone to shoulder problems due to your body type?

I have devised a Grow Taller Quick Tips Quiz to gauge how far along people are in improving their health and lifestyle. This quiz lets you know that you are not alone that others have suffered as you have during your growth process, with either similar or completely different results. It allows you to learn about common  mistakes you make in exercising that could cause you harm.

The first part of the Grow Taller Quick Tips Quiz includes, questions about everyday nutrition and movements and how your body responds to activities such as getting out of bed, not taking a break for lunch, and sitting at a desk for an entire day. The second part of the quiz asks you to evaluate your workouts. Are you sticking to the same routine too long? Are you working the same muscle groups at the beginning of your workouts?

The choices given here represent common situations encountered by people of all fitness levels. You may feel that more than one answer per question applies to you, or you may feel that none apply. Circle the most appropriate choice to grow taller (or choices). Later, after you are comfortable with a new fitness routine, you can use this quick tip quiz as a reference tool to check your progress.


How can your restaurant choices fit into your whole day’s eating plan without overdoing on calories from meat, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, or milk? How can you enjoy the variety of food available in today’s restaurant scene?

Map out your restaurant plan of action. Perhaps plan for a light dinner out if you just ate a big lunch, or decide ahead to split a dessert, even before you see the menu. If you know ahead that your restaurant meal will have more calories or fat, just trade off: cut back during other meals that day or the next.

Eat small meals earlier, rather than skip breakfast or lunch to “save up” for a fancy restaurant dinner. This meal-skipping strategy often backfires. It’s easy to overindulge at a restaurant when you’re over-hungry.

Looking for convenience, saving time, a flavor adventure, or a lower-calorie meal? Some restaurants offer more food variety, ethnic cuisine, unique dishes, smaller portions, and lighter cuisine than others. A restaurant that prepares food to order allows more control for any special requests; call ahead to find out. A handful of today’s restaurants let you call or fax your order ahead so the kitchen is ready for you.

Go with a “smart eating” mind-set, which may help you sort through the menu faster and avoid straying from your goals. Use the menu on the restaurant’s Web site to plan your order ahead. That is the clear purpose of the grow taller 4 smarts program. To help you in your diet to lose weight and grow taller.

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